monalisa touch

Monalisa Touch

MonaLisa Touch® is an innovative laser, designed and produced by DEKA (Italy), that delivers fractional CO2 laser energy to soft tissues. Common procedures are often performed in an office-environment, without anesthesia or downtime, such as ablative skin resurfacing, skin tags or vaporization of small lesions.

Optimal Laser-Tissue Interaction

A unique pulse (D-Pulse) ensures optimal efficacy without any side effects.

Swift and Painless Procedure

Laser energy is applied to vaginal walls in a fractional mode (DOT-Therapy): only a small portion of the vaginal tissue is directly exposed to the laser beam.

Highest Patient Compatibility

Various probe types are available to cater to the clinical or anatomical needs of specific patients.

Monalisa Touch Services

Urinary incontinence treatment

Facilitating Orgasm

Menopausal dryness treatment

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal Itching

Vaginal Burning

Painful Urination

Painful Intercourse


Millions of women experience changes that can interfere with their personal lives as a consequence. Thousands of women have chosen MonaLisa Touch. You can feel confident knowing that it's a trusted device.
Three treatments, 5 mins each,6-week intervals.
Three treatments, 5 mins each,6-week intervals
Hormone and chemical free.
Hormone and chemical free
Elective procedure, no referral.
Elective procedure, no referral
No downtime.
No downtime
Easy non-surgical in office-procedure.
Easy non-surgical in office-procedure

Recognized by professionals worldwide

The MonaLisa Touch laser, favored by many experts in female pelvic health, is often administered without anesthesia for various treatments. Its applications include addressing skin tags, warts, and pelvic skin enhancements in tone and texture.


Numerous procedures requiring incision, excision, ablation, vaporization and/or coagulation of body soft tissues. Examples may include the removal of skin tags, warts, lesions, lysis of adhesions, condylomas, excess labial tissue, and ablative skin resurfacing including pelvic skin for tone, texture and/or discoloration. The SmartXide Touch Laser (MonaLisa Touch) is indicated for incision, excision, ablation, vaporization and coagulation of body soft tissues in medical specialties including aesthetic (dermatology and plastic surgery), podiatry, otolaryngology (ENT), gynecology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, general thoracic surgery (including open and endoscopic), dental and oral surgery and genitourinary surgery. Use with the scanning unit is indicated for ablative skin resurfacing.

Patients who present feeling uncomfortable with the tone/texture of their pelvic skin, skin tags/lesions, condylomas, genital warts, or excess labial tissue.

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