The exclusive male sexual wellness equipment utilizing unique SoftWave® methodology to address erectile dysfunction, verified scientifically to enhance circulation (angiogenesis) and rejuvenate smooth muscle tissues.


The only male sexual health device

ViaSure uses patented SoftWave® technology, scientifically proven to boost blood flow and rejuvenate smooth muscle cells.

Treat not just the symptom, but the source

ViaSure with SoftWave addresses the underlying vascular causes of performance issues, meaning no drugs, no surgery, no interruptions.

Stronger, more comfortable erections

Improve blood circulation for stronger, consistent erections. Elevate intimate moments with renewed vitality.

viasure Touch Services

Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Curvature/Deviation Correction

Erection Maintenance Assistance

Peyronie's Disease Treatment

Painful Erection Relief

Vascular Performance Issue Treatment


Powered by SoftWave technology, the ViaSure treatment is scientifically proven to increase blood flow and restore smooth muscle cells, effectively treating the underlying causes of vascular-related performance issues. Which means no drugs, no surgery, no downtime

Provides Stronger, More Comfortable Erections..
Provides Stronger, More Comfortable Erections.
Increased Blood Flow to the Penis..
Increased Blood Flow to the Penis.
Minimal to no discomfort experienced.
Minimal to no discomfort experienced
Easy non-surgical in office-procedure.
Easy non-surgical in office-procedure
Quick, 15 minute in-office treatments.
Quick, 15 minute in-office treatments


The MonaLisa Touch laser, favored by many experts in female pelvic health, is often administered without anesthesia for various treatments. Its applications include addressing skin tags, warts, and pelvic skin enhancements in tone and texture.


The ViaSure device is most appropriate for patients looking to treat concerns or discomforts such as male sexual dysfunction, penile curvature/deformation, painful erections, inability to attain or maintain an erection, and Peyronie's disease.

The treatment typically lasts between 5-15 minutes and any discomfort experienced is usually minimal. You can resume your regular activities immediately after treatment. Side effects are very rare and are generally mild.

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